Hey there and welcome to “Of Pines and Peregrines”…

 …lovely to meet you!

Who writes here? About what? I’m Lena, and I write about backpacking, outdoor adventures and community around the world.  This blog is a collection of stories and images from wherever I live, travel and explore, let it be East African Savannahs, Welsh Mountains or a classroom in Germany. I write this blog because I enjoy sharing about the beauty and marvelous mess of people and places, of life and travel. I’d love to inspire you to get out there and see for yourself! Check out my blog posts from around the world. 

What’s your story? I’ll have to disappoint you if want to read about how I changed my big-city-lifestyle to a healthier and happier one outdoors. My story is not eat-pray-love-like, and I never went on that one big journey that changed my life once and for all. I don’t know any cool mantras, either (but you’ll see that I’m really into cheesy quotes). Anyhow, this blog is more about the world than it is about myself. I have always enjoyed traveling, being outdoors and being in touch with different languages and cultures; and I started writing a travel blog when I went to Kenya in 2013.

From where and where to? I currently live and work in North Turkana, Kenya, with my favorite travel buddy and love of my life, Martin.  Things usually don’t go as originally planned, but that’s okay, very exciting and also somehow part of the deal. We’re low budget travelers, couch surfers and workawayers, and we maybe love the Unexpected and the feeling of a new place a bit more than the Well-known.

Who are you traveling with? I often travel with my husband Martin. He’s awesome! Sometimes, I  travel with other friends, like Anja, whom I first met in Kenya. And sometimes, I also travel alone. But I make friends on the road soon, or I visit other friends. We’re never really alone, are we?

What’s the best part of traveling?  YOU! Traveling allows me to get in touch with different people, cultures, languages, ideas, dreams and stories like nothing else ever could. I am grateful to not be walking this journey alone, but together with fellow travelers who soon became beloved friends, and together with amazing people at home who support me with their love, interest, and understanding.